Infrastructure of BSF School Jammu

BSF School Jammu is a co educational school set up amidst tall trees and spacious playgrounds that provide the most suitable ambience to children for their overall development. The school stands for its unmatched academic achievements, exciting a range of curricular and co-curricular activities.

The school provides education from UKG to class XII. The total strength of Primary and Secondary School is around 2500. The BSF School Campus comprises of three huge and magnificent buildings each for BSF School, BSF Senior Secondary School and Boys’ Hostel.

BSF Senior Secondary School 
This section starts from class VI to class XII. Each class has five sections from VI to X and four sections each in class XI & XII. There are between 40 and 50 students in every section. All the classrooms are well lit and properly ventilated.

The faculty of the school consists of 45 full time, highly qualified teachers who have extensive teaching experience in their respective fields. He/ She is both a teacher and a scholar, an expert in his/ her own field. Each member takes the pride in imbibing BSF School culture and ethos.

School Library - School has a well furnished library with a rich collection of 4500 books in different fields of study and of general nature. It also includes magazines, periodicals and reference books.


Laboratories - There are six well equipped laboratories for Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Social Science and Computer. These labs are indispensable part of students’ education as they grasp the practicality on the subjects.



Dance and Music Room - There is also one big and spacious dance and music hall with all necessary instruments. It is maintained by well qualified dance and music teachers.


Workshop for Work Experience - The school also has one workshop for the work experience where children enjoy their experience with wood and craft.

Art Room - The students are provided ample opportunities to hone their aesthetic skills through the way of making painting, pottery, portrait making, rangoli making, cartoon making etc.



Games & Sports - Besides studies, sports is given great importance in our school in order to have physically fit and mentally alert students. We believe that excellent sports facilities inculcate team spirit and sportsmanship among students and they become emotionally strong.


At BSF School, students enjoy games like football, volleyball, basketball, handball, cricket, badminton, table tennis, chess and various field and track events. There are separate and big playgrounds for each game. The students are also given coaching on various games and sports and are also encouraged to participate in various sports meet that are organized at Zonal, State or National and International level.

NCC - The school also provides training for NCC Cadets in the JD (Junior Division Boys), JW (Junior Wing Girls) and SW (Senior Wing Girls). The basic concept of this training is to prepare the students in their tender age to learn about unity and discipline. This instills the spirit of nationalism among children.


The school also plans and arranges different activities related to environmental education, personality development, yoga, cultural events and excursions for the students.


Hostel - BSF School has a long history about its glory and excellence in academics, due to which a large number of out stationed students wish to be a part of its community. The school provides the hostel facility for boys only. The surroundings of the hostel is mystic and green all around. There is constant supervision and monitoring of students activities and emphasis is laid on their safety and good living conditions.


Boarders are provided all the facilities like medical facilities in BSF Base Hospital, indoor and outdoor Games, Gym, Recreational Hall and well furnished Dining Hall where Boarders are provided balanced diet, menu as prepared by a qualified dietician. All the activities are conducted under the supervision of qualified and trained teachers and experts.

Hospital Facility - The school is facilitated with the BSF Force Hospital just nearby the school building. The students are treated for their minor and serious injuries and health problems.

School Tuck Shop - The Tuck Shop is run within the school premises by a reputed contractor. Hygiene and nutrition are prime in priority. The snacks are available at reasonable prices. The eating area is spacious and refreshing.


BSF Primary School 

Far from the madding crowd, nestled in the pristine surroundings, BSF Primary School is yet another lively home for tiny tots to bloom.

The infrastructure and art facility provided here give great freedom to children to learn and grow.


The curriculum is designed to encourage cognitive, emotional and skill based growth. Sports, music, dance and art are included for the holistic development of children. The building has various areas allocated for playing, creativity and learning. A host of co-curricular activities are planned keeping along with the daily learning process to help maximum development of children in all spheres. The infrastructure includes

    1. Well planned classrooms
    2. Well equipped children’s park
    3. Well furnished library
    4. Computer Lab
    5. Art Room
    6. Dance and Music Room

Latest technology in digital world like big LCDs have been installed in the school. Educational movies are shown to small children as audio visual display help children to learn faster.


School Bulletin Board
BSF Senior Secondary School, Paloura Camp, Jammu (J&K) Phone: +91-191-2586073