Laboratories at BSF School Jammu

When we hear anything, we forget it soon than the activities we see. But when we do any activity physically or practically, it stays in our mind even longer, since we do the experiments, understanding the deep theory and the concepts involved in it.

This gives a hands on experience to the students so that they get a basic fundamental acquaintance to the world of science and technology. In this manner they can grasp the theoretical concepts even better. Hence, there arise the need to have suitable environment in the School in the form of Science and other related Laboratories.

"What you do is what you learn' goes the motto of Laboratories in BSF Senior Secondary School. The School provides some of the most basic facilities to its students in the form of well equipped and well maintained Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computers, Mathematics and Geography students to perform their respective experiments.

Physics Laboratory
The School Physics Laboratory is situated in the ground floor of Science building. It is a well maintained Laboratory with all necessary equipments required to perform experiments till 10+12 level. The sensitive and expensive electronic components and equipments are kept in lockers to avoid misuse and misplacement. The process of issue and returning of equipments is at the same time strict as well as quick so that the students can devote their maximum time in performing experiments.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry Laboratory is situated in the ground floor of Science building. It is a clean and well maintained Laboratory. All equipments and chemicals are available for performing experiments. The students are allotted their own experiment  tables and each such table contains necessary reagents for experiments. There is always an experienced teacher supervising the students with all essential details.

Biology Laboratory
The Biology Laboratory is situated in the ground floor of Science building. It has all necessary Biological equipments, sample and species for experimental purpose up to 10+2 level, including the latest model of compound microscope and profusion of interesting slides.
Computer Laboratory
To impart advanced knowledge, computer education is imparted to all the students from standard 6th to 10+2 level. This Laboratory has sufficient number of computers with internet facility in most of them.

Mathematics Laboratory
The Mathematics Laboratory is situated on the ground floor of School building. It provides ample opportunities to understand the practical applications of the various mathematical equations and exercise through models and charts.
Geography Laboratory

The Geography Laboratory is situated on the first floor of School building. The laboratory is well maintained and contains all essential maps, models and educational charts.

Woodcraft Workshop

To impart the skill of obtaining self sufficiency in handling various day to day wood work related, minor as well as some major problems, a workshop for skill development in wood work exist in the ground floor of the school building.

Dance & Music Room
To inculcate the knowledge and practice of diverse cultures of the different parts of the country through the art of classical dance and music, a well equipped Dance and Music Room exists at the ground floor of the Science Block.

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